Low Income Veteran Home Improvement Program


  1. Income qualify (see chart below)
  2. Listed as an owner on the home and the property
  3. The veteran must be living in the home
  4. Have a DD214
  5. There may be additional eligibility requirements defined when you apply.

Number of
Household members

Total household income

















Typical Improvements or Repairs

Eligible improvement or repair projects are intended to improve the health, safety, or habitability of Qualified Veteran homes and typically would include one or more of the following improvements or repairs:

  • Accessibility – Installation of ramps, grab bars, etc.;
  • Accommodation – Upgrades to accommodate other documented special needs;
  • Adaptability – Widen doors, enable wheelchair access, provide audible and/or visual signals, make accommodating adjustments to other features that are permanently fixed in place;
  • Code Compliance – Updating, as necessary, for compliance with local codes or other standards related to health, safety, or habitability;
  • Emergency Repair – Replacement/repair of deficient roofing, gutters, or drainage, heating, or ventilation systems;
  • Expected Maintenance – Addressing “aging in place” issues; and
  • Structural/Operational Integrity – Fixing/replacing substandard electrical, plumbing, roofing, siding, insulation, weatherization, heating systems, hot water heaters, and mold or dry rot issues.

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